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Beck Diamond Brokers – What is a diamond broker?

Welcome to Beck Diamond Brokers Wholesale Diamonds.  We are pleased to offer you the finest natural and synthetic diamonds in Edmonton at real wholesale prices.  All of our diamonds are guaranteed to be exactly the grade and quality that we tell you.  Our diamonds are chosen by our gemologist experts for their brilliance and beauty.  If you are looking for an amazing diamond at the best price, Beck Diamond Brokers offers an amazing selection. .  Purchasing from a diamond broker saves you money every time.

We are the only Edmonton diamond company who are members of the international diamond exchange.  We have access to billions of diamonds.    We buy, sell or broker diamonds based on current international diamond brokerage prices.  When you visit any of our stores, you will find amazing and beautiful diamonds at the lowest wholesale prices.

Cash For Diamonds EdmontonHow Can A Beck Diamond Broker Offer Diamonds At These Prices?

We are a real wholesaler, most of our diamonds are sold to jewelry manufactures and made into new jewellery.  Our prices are based on live market prices from international diamond exchanges.  You won’t find diamonds at a better price anywhere.

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