New Diamonds VS Used Diamonds

Beck Estate Diamonds

What Is The What Is The Difference Between A New And Used Diamond?

Why buy a previously loved diamond?

As a diamond broker we sell diamonds to jewelers and other brokers both locally and around the world.  One secret is that professionals in the trade never ask if a diamond is new or used.  The reality is that it is only a diamond at the end of the day and you cannot tell if it is new or 100 years old.  A diamond is a diamond and if it has the right size, carat and colour it its a good price they will buy it.

As a consumer when you purchase a diamond from a jewellery store you may assume that it is a new diamond that just got mined but the reality is that unless it came from a mine with a certificate it could possibly be used.  It really makes no difference.

We have purchased thousands of diamonds over the years from the public.  These are then cleaned, graded and resold back into the diamond trade.  Our estate diamonds are previously owned and recycled.  Diamonds don’t change with age.  They are exactly the same as a new diamond.  Most of our diamonds get sold to jewelry stores who sell them as new diamonds.  This has been going on for centuries so don’t be scared to have a pre-owned diamond.

Buying Tip

If you are buying an estate piece of jewellery, you will save substantially from a similar new piece of jewellery.  You don’t save money on the gold or diamonds but you do save substantially on the labor to build the piece.