New Diamonds VS Used Diamonds

Beck Estate Diamonds

The Timeless Value: Understanding New vs. Pre-owned Diamonds

Why should you consider a pre-owned diamond?

At Beck Diamond Brokers, we’ve catered to a myriad of jewelers and diamond brokers globally. An industry insider will let you in on a trade secret: diamonds don’t have an age tag. When professionals buy diamonds, they never ask about its ‘birthday’. Whether fresh from the Earth or boasting a century of history, a diamond’s intrinsic value remains unchanged. It’s the size, carat, and color that matters.

As an everyday buyer, you might stroll into a jewelry store envisioning a newly mined gem adorning your chosen piece. However, the truth is, unless a diamond is accompanied by mining certification, its past is a mystery. But here’s the liberating part: it doesn’t really matter.

Over the decades, we’ve acquired countless diamonds from private sellers. Once these diamonds are meticulously cleaned and rigorously graded, they re-enter the ever-rotating carousel of the diamond trade. These estate diamonds, with their legacy and lineage, are no different from the freshly mined ones. In fact, many end up in jewelry showcases, awaiting a new story without their past ever being revealed. This practice isn’t novel—it’s been the industry’s heartbeat for ages.

A Golden Buying Tip: When you opt for an estate jewelry piece, you’re not just acquiring a piece of history; you’re making a savvy financial choice. While the value of the diamonds and gold remains consistent, what you’re genuinely saving on is the craftsmanship. The intricate labor that breathes life into every piece doesn’t come cheap, and with a pre-owned piece, that cost has already been absorbed.

So, the next time you’re considering a diamond, remember: every diamond has a story. Some are just waiting to start their next chapter with you.