So nice to meet you both today, and thank you so much for spending the time with me to look at some of my gemstones and diamonds. And, for your great suggestions on Diamond Grading ABC. I’ve ordered it from the GIA educational store – they’re offering free shipping and a great price right now.

I really appreciated your generosity with time and most kindly assistance. Quite an incredible environment and wonderful store you have …. warm congratulations!

Here’s my phone number for future reference on classes with Carla, and when she returns for appraisals. I certainly will keep you in mind for purchasing loose gemstones and for bringing clients by.

Paula Johnsen

Celestial Goods

The custom ring you designed for me is perfect.  Don’t change a thing!  Thank-you for listening and hearing me.  Yay!

April G.

I’m so happy to have met you yesterday when I came to sell my gold jewellery. I was so confused and had a hard time parting with it and shared with you my reasons for selling. You were so kind, patient, polite. Your advice and good thoughts gave me great confidence that i’m selling it to the right person with an awesome deal. God bless you and your family.


Thank you very much for driving all the way out to my house at Isle Lake on a long weekend. Especially in the Terrible Winter weather we were having, it really meant a lot to me!


As per our conversation earlier today and the successful sale of my gold, I would like to inform you that I did a price comparison regarding the 18k gold ring I sold you today.

There is a gold buyer in Sherwood Park who goes by “Aaron Buys Gold” he claims to buy gold for the highest value in the city. He compares, and even calls you (he video taped himself doing so and is now on YouTube). He has graphs on his web page stating that they pay significantly more than you for gold.

The ring I had him quote was the same one I sold you, which was originally thought to be 21k of 15.2g of gold. Aaron buys gold offered me $420 for said ring.

I emailed you “Becks Gold & Diamond Brokers” on the same specs and you offered me $587.72. I just wanted you to know these facts, I’m a return customer of yours and very happy with the service and professionalism your company has. I will continue to be referring people to you. Congratulations on your retail outlet! Thank you for being an honest, businessman.

Darryl R Kolewaski

Thank you Clinton for your great service. Brenda and I had a nice experience visiting on Friday. We certainly will refer friends and family to your business and hope to do more business with you in the future. Thank you again.

Judy Young

I had a great experience with Beck Diamonds. While purchasing bullion silver Clinton gave me exceptional service at a cost lower than my previous suppliers. I am excited for our future dealings and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to invest in precious metals.

Brandon Ambrose

Thanks Beck Diamonds, Friendly and honest service. Upfront and helpful. Thanks for the tour as well. Lots of neat stuff, like a mini museum.

Marissa and Mervin

Any jewellery hoarders out there? I was both impressed and amazed by Clinton’s professionalism and honesty when he appraised my gold. I highly recommend Beck Diamonds if you have old gold that is collecting dust or if you are just in need of cash. The value of gold is great, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of cash I received. Now my most difficult decision will be how to spend my money.


You were absolutely awesome to deal with! I have been busy referring all my friends and I know you have already seen one of the ladies this weekend.

Robin Gransch

As expected, my second visit and transaction with you has been nothing but stellar. As you know, the first time I shopped around to get the best possible value for my gold/diamonds. Your offer was, by far, the best. The second time, I wasted no time shopping knowing that nobody in this city can provide/offer what you folks do and booked an appointment. I was not disappointed and certainly not shocked with a friendly reception, a professional and honest approach and certainly not surprised with the handful of cash at the end.

I thank you for being the best at what you do.

Blair Wentzell

I went to Londonderry Mall where a business was set up to buy gold. Their estimate was much lower than yours and I did not have a good feeling about them. I certainly had a great feeling with you; you were very professional and also very honest. I have already passed your name to a number of my friends who I think will be contacting you in the near future.

Linda Harkin

My wife Lisa Nelson introduced me to your services this week with an appointment with one of your sons, I think Nicholas. It was my first experience in trading in old, and unwanted gold and I found the experience so simple, friendly and it went off without a hitch. We went to your residence, or it appeared that way, a very charming house and I found the inside so warm and relaxed, your son was very polite and professional plus quite personable when appropriate. Lisa had met you before at a girlfriend’s gathering in which you came to them and they loved it.

So, thanks again for a very positive experience this past Wednesday morning.

Bill Nickerson

Thanks for your help as well, I was very comfortable selling my gold items to you and am very glad that I chose your company instead of someone else that would not have been so personable. I would definitely recommend you to family friends and business associates. Thanks again and I will more than likely see you again.


When I decided to sell my gold, I was terrified. I had inherited my mother’s gold and held onto it for almost nine years. My mother had always told me “never sell your gold, it’s your only asset when the economy goes bad.” Well, the economy got bad, I became injured and still had bills to pay with no income.

I went to see Clinton and he greeted me with such comfort and ease, I started to calm down. I didn’t know him, would he try to dupe me? Would he be honest? Well, he went above and beyond my expectations. He had state of the art equipment, but more than that, he had a wealth of knowledge of gold, including my East Indian gold, which amazed me. He was kind and comforting during our transaction; he took his time to assess my gold. He educated me on different carats of gold, and different processes of making gold jewellery.

Once the gold was separated into different carat strengths, Clinton did all his calculations in front of me, openly showing the current price of gold that he was calculating his payment from. And of course, I had researched this price before I met him. Every aspect of the transaction was professional and respectful.

Clinton’s kindness mixed with his knowledge of gold amazed me. If you have any trepidations about selling your gold, please take this testimonial to heart and go see Clinton Beck. He will treat you with warmth and respect, and he will give you fair market price for your gold all while educating you on your product. Thanks Clinton, you have no idea how I appreciate everything you did.

Rochelle Seth

I wanted to greatly thank you for assisting me with the purchase of the earrings. I have given them to my wife this week on our 1 year wedding anniversary and she loved them. Based on this purchase and my experience I will certainly be referring businesses your way.

AL-ARQAM AMER Riddell Kurczaba

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dragging around that old jewellery box filled with broken chains, one earring sets, and jewellery that just isn’t to your taste any longer. I saw the loud ads on T.V., but refused to put my valuables into an envelope and send them to who knows where for a vague estimate and no real guarantee of ever seeing the items again if the cheque they sent was an insult.

I looked into a few options – Money Mart, gold buyers, and worst of all, pawnbrokers but found none of these satisfactory. Then I made an appointment with Beck Diamonds and was pleasantly surprised. Finally someone took the time to look over all my pieces and gave me the option of choosing whether or not to sell each piece. At no time did I feel pressured to sell, and the price paid for my valuables was quite fair.

Finally, I can spend money that really was collecting dust on more stuff to collect dust. However, now it’s stuff I want!! Thanks for a pleasant experience and I look forward to dealing with you again.

Connie Neumann

I was very impressed by my experience of meeting you, and how professional you were in the sale of my bracelet. I will definitely refer you to other people who could use your service. All the best in the New Year.

Linda Breit

I highly recommend doing business with Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers. As I had a rather large quantity of scrap gold jewellery, I did my research. Not interested in the “mail in” approach, I wanted to deal face to face and maximize the price per gram of my gold. After visiting several pawn shops that advertised “the highest prices for gold paid”, it was clear that this was a misrepresentation. Clinton Beck and his company deliver what they claim on their website. Easy and efficient to deal with, everything is fully disclosed in the transaction and in a pleasant atmosphere. I’ll be doing business again.

M. Bowman

I made several phone calls before booking a few appointments with different Edmonton gold buyers. One thing I noticed that set you apart is that when I was asking different companies about what they were paying for 14K gold, they were very vague, they would say between 14 and 20 dollars. They also said that they would have to test and confirm the quality of the gold.

When I called your company you gave a quote exactly to the penny and informed me that the markets were open and that the price may change by a few cents either way. When I visited your competition, they advised me that several pieces of gold that I was sure was 14K was actually 10K and because of the condition of the pieces they could only pay the bottom end of their quotation.

On a side note, all testing of my gold was done in a back room where I couldn’t see what was taking place. After a few questionable experiences, I finally found your business. I was surprised to find your business to be a home-based business but once I entered your office I could see that you had the latest technology at your disposal.

You informed me that gold had closed at a higher price and the new price was a little higher than your original quote. You tested a few pieces that were not stamped and did the tests right in front of me and explained every step in the testing process. You also notified me that some small diamonds in my pieces were worth money as well. Your competition offered nothing for any of my diamonds. In the end your final estimate was $365.00 higher than your closest competitor.

I will recommend you to all my friends and business associates. It was a pleasure doing business, you are the most professional gold buyer in Alberta. Well done and continued success.

Lawrick Rasmussen

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness when dealing with me. I was not as organized in my sorting as I thought I was. You are truly a gentleman and I really appreciate that you run a very professional business and I have already told family and friends about my experience. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Pat Kemaldean

Your professionalism made the process worth telling all my friends and family about your business. I look forward to our many dealings in the future, warmest regards,

Veronika Greenwald

Another good day… crawling out of debt. It pays to shop around even when selling gold! Thanks a bunch to Clinton Beck!

Blair Wentzell

I am a student in college and I went to see Mr. Beck about 2 months ago to sell a ring with some small diamonds in it. Mr. Beck advised me that the ring was in excellent condition and I may wish to sell it on Kijiji before selling it for scrap gold as I could possibly get more money for it doing it that way. I tried for two months and was unable to sell it. I thought I would check with one of Mr. Beck’s competitors just to get a second opinion on the value of the ring. They quoted me $85.00. I told them to “Go To Hell!” and rode my bike over to Mr. Beck’s house. Make sure to see Mr. Beck if you want to get the highest price in Edmonton. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends.

Charles Baxter

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you talked me out of selling my great grandmother’s gold coin necklace. It was something that I would never wear but it was very sentimental in value. Your idea of having it mounted in a shadow box frame with a picture of her brought tears to my eyes. My family and I will be grateful to you forever. Thank you so much for the great advice and for being so understanding and caring.

Sabrina Giordono

Mr. Beck came to my house to view a diamond ring that I was trying to sell. I had taken it to a few jewelers who offered me $150.00 and $225.00. A local pawn shop offered me $75.00. I knew that this was a complete rip off. Mr. Beck came to my house and paid me $700.00 for the ring. I was hoping for $850.00 but this was definitely the best deal. I would recommend his service to anyone.

Brian Wilson

I took my gold to a few jewellers and the highest price they offered me was $160.00. I phoned your office to get a quote over the phone and you estimated that I would receive roughly $440.00. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at your very professional office. After you tested some of the gold you realized that some was 14K and not 10K. I received a very fair payment of $500.00. It was a pleasure dealing with a company like yours. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in selling their gold.

Oneil Perreault

I tried selling a small amount of gold to those TV guys. They lost my “supposedly insured package” and now won’t even return my phone calls. I am so glad I found you. I really wish I would have found you earlier. It was a very professional experience and getting cash and a very fair payout is the only way to go. Thanks again, Clinton.

Amy Smith

Clint, thanks again for the deal you gave me on my engagement ring. You saved me $1,500.00. It is gorgeous and better quality than I could find anywhere. I owe you one.

Patrick Lu

Clinton, I am so happy to have met you. You are a true professional. I felt like I was on the antiques road show when you were explaining everything about my jewellery. Thanks for your help. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Cathy Johanson

After phoning around I decided to set an appointment with you and another gold buyer who was located in a mall on the south side of Edmonton in a jewellery store. Both you and he seemed the most professional businesses I could find. I went to the jewellery store first. When I arrived I took out my bag of gold. He placed all of it on a scale and offered me $400.00 for everything. He spent about 30 seconds evaluating my bag of gold. Something felt very wrong about the whole experience. I then came to you for a second opinion. I am so glad that I got a second opinion. You separated all my gold into its different categories. You tested the gold that wasn’t stamped. You evaluated the stones and explained to me everything that you were doing as you did it. The whole process took about 20 minutes at which time you evaluated my package at $860.00. That was more than double what was offered by the other jeweller.

I would encourage everyone to contact Clinton Beck and book an appointment before you sell your gold to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.

Elaine Johnson

I was at your place on Monday (I had the silverwear set and loved all your furry friends) I just want to thank you for everything and the advice on where to sell my silverwear set. I have been telling all my girlfriends and we are all very excited to have a party. Thanks again, talk soon.

Norma Jean

Thank you for meeting with me on Friday and for your professional approach and kind manner. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Louise De Pape

I had a couple of pieces of unwanted old gold jewellery. Recent news reports talked about the current high value of gold on the market and explained that local jewelers will buy unwanted jewellery. I used the internet to find a few alternative jewelers and found that Beck Diamonds gave an accurate weighing of the jewellery and a very fair price (considerably more than the alternatives) using gold market rates. Beck Diamonds was very professional to deal with and I recommend them to anyone.


It was a pleasure to meet you today and I want to thank you for your very generous donation to Jessica’s Wish for our major fundraiser to be held on Sept. 4th, 2011. I know it will be a wonderful auction item and will help us to raise more money this year

Nancy Deschamps

What I thought would be awkward and scary, (selling off some of the family gold) turned out to be a rewarding experience. Thank you very much for the professional and extremely informative meeting.

Nancy Ference