Wholesale Diamonds

Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers is Edmonton’s largest wholesale diamond broker. You will find our prices to be better than most internet wholesalers and retailers. We have thousands of diamonds in stock for your viewing pleasure. Whether you have lost a small diamond or are looking for that special one of a kind diamond we will have several for you to choose from. You will be able to view your diamond in our certified Gemmological laboratory with our Gemmologist, Carla Beck and she will explain all the details about your diamond. You will also receive a detailed Gemmological appraisal for insurance purposes. Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers also carries a wide selection of antique diamonds. These diamonds can be used to create a new piece or repair the rarest family heirloom. We provide our clients with detailed diamond grading information to quantify the characteristics of every diamond that we offer. It is our high level of industry expertise, along with our commitment to consumer education, that makes Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers your premier choice for certified, conflict-free loose diamonds. You will find our prices and selection spectacular. All diamonds are guaranteed to be the grade quoted at sale. Call or e-mail for a quote today!


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