Wholesale Diamonds

Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers is Edmonton’s only wholesale diamond broker.

“The only difference between a second hand diamond and a new one is the price”  Clinton Beck President

You will find our prices to be better than most internet wholesalers and retailers. We have thousands of diamonds in stock for your viewing pleasure.

At Beck’s we have 1000’s of real diamonds to choose from, all cuts, clarity and colour.

You will be able to view your diamond in our certified Gemmological laboratory with our Gemmologist, Carla Beck and she will explain all the details about your diamond. You will also receive a detailed Gemmological appraisal for insurance purposes.   We provide our clients with detailed diamond grading information to quantify the characteristics of every diamond that we offer. It is our high level of industry expertise, along with our commitment to consumer education, that makes Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers your premier choice for certified, conflict-free loose diamonds.

Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers also carries a wide selection of antique diamonds. These diamonds can be used to create a new piece or repair the rarest family heirloom. You will find our prices and selection spectacular. All diamonds are guaranteed to be the grade quoted at sale. Call or e-mail for a quote today!

Featured Diamonds

PRN026SII0.260ctSI1I1.10 : 13.66 x 3.33 x 2.48mmPrincess1
PRN027IF0.27ctI1F1.03 : 13.57 x 3.44 x 2.54mmPrincess1
PRN0282G0.28ctVVS2G1.02 : 13.60 x 3.52 x 2.70mmPrincess1
PRN029SIE0.29ctSI2E1.00 : 13.73 x 3.71 x 2.69mmPrincess1
PRN029SIF0.290ctSI1FCanadian3.81 x 3.74 x 2.49mmPrincess1
PRN029IG0.290ctI1G1.02 : 13.55 x 3.48 x 2.64mmPrincess1
PRN030IK0.300ctI1K1.05 : 13.92 x 3.72 x 2.54mmPrincess1
PRN033V2E0.330ctVVS2E1.15 : 14.25 x 3.68 x 2.39mmPrincess1
PRN034SIH0.340ctSI1HCanadian3.92 x 3.81 x 2.73mmPrincess1
PRN034VSE0.340ctVS1ECanadian3.82 x 3.60 x 2.72mmPrincess1
PRN034SIL0.340ctSI1L1.13 : 14.04 x 3.59 x 2.72mmPrincess1
PRN036SIH0.36ctSI1H1.09 : 13.98 x 3.62 x 2.69mmPrincess1
PRN038SII0.380ctSI1ICanadian3.99 x 3.87 x 2.84mmPrincess1
PRN039VSJ0.390ctVS2J1.00 : 14.10 x 4.09 x 2.76mmPrincess1
PRN039SIF0.390ctSI1F1.05 : 13.90 x 3.72 x 2.98mmPrincess1
PRN040SIF0.40ctSI2F1.02 : 14.01 x 3.92 x 2.85mmPrincess1
PRN041VSE0.410ctVS2E1.05 : 14.11 x 3.93 x 2.99mmPrincess1
PRN042SIK0.42ctSI2K1.09 : 14.17 x 3.80 x 2.93mmPrincess1
PRN0442H0.440ctVVS2H1.03 : 14.21 x 4.17 x 3.01mmPrincess2
PRN0452K0.45ctVVS2K1.03:14.29 x 4.14 x 2.93mmPrincess1
PRN046VSH0.46ctVS2H1.08 : 14.24 x 3.91 x 3.21mmPrincess1
PRN047VSF0.47ctVS1FGIA4.37 x 4.15 x 3.08mmPrincess1
PRN051SIFP0.51ctSI2F1.04 : 14.29 x 4.13 x 3.38mmPrincess1
PRN052VSJ0.52ctVS1J1.01 : 14.18 x 4.23 x 3.30 mmPrincess1
RDP0520.52ctVS2HGIAIn a pendantPrincess1
PRN054IG0.54ctI1GCanadian4.70 x 4.68 2.99mmPrincess1
PRN056VH0.56ctVVS1HCanadian4,35 x 4.34 x 3.38mmPrincess1
RDP058VE0.58ctVVS2EGIA4.69 x 4.35 x 3.25Princess1
PRN059SII0.59ctSI2I1.05 : 14.82 x 4.56 x 3.40mmPrincess1
PRN064SII0.64ctSI1I1.02 : 14.55 x 4.64 x 3.48 mmPrincess1
PRN068SIL0.680ctSI1L1.14 : 15.15 x 4.53 x 3.31mmPrincess1
RDP071D0.71ctSI1DGIA4.92 x 4.79 x 3.47mmPrincess1
RDP0710.71ctVS1EGIA4.99 x 4.78 x 3.62mmPrincess1
PRN081SIG0.81ct SI2GGemScan5.00 x 5.01 x 3.74Princess1
PRN084SIF0.84ct SI1FCanadian5.02 x 5.11 x 3.74mmPrincess1
RDP1001.00ctI1GCanadian5.32 x 5.04 x 3.71mmPrincess1
RDP103SI1.03ctSI2I1.16 :15.33 x 6.23 x 3.80mmPrincess1
PRN1041.04ctVVS1J1.00 : 15.65 x 5.65 x 4.00mmPrincess1
PRN1051.05ctI1FCanadian5.68 x 5.56 x 4.03mmPrincess1
RDP1101.10ctVS2GGIA5.66 x 5.55 x 4.13mmPrincess1
PRN116SII1.16ctSI1ICanadian6.00 x 5.63 x 4.16mmPrincess1
PRN117VE1.17ctVVS2E1.13 : 16.09 x 5.37 x 4.29Princess1
0.60ctVSI5.29-5.31mm x 3.41mmRound Brilliant1
EM0910.910ctSI1H6.21 x 4.49 x 3.35mmEmerald1
EM1121.12ctVVS1G6.88 x 5.05 x 3.49mmEmerald1
0.60ctIG5.17-5.20mm x 3.42mmRound Brilliant
RDH1251.25ctSI1FIn a ring6.50 x 7.36 x 4.40mmHeart1
0.60ctIK5.31-5.35mm x 3.43mmRound Brilliant
D0410SIHP0.410ctSI2H4.96mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D0410V2G0.41ctVVS2G4.92mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0420SIHP0.420ctSI1H5.01mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D0430IB0.430ctI2fancy4.94mmFancy BrownRound Brilliant1
D0430VSK0.430ctVS2K4.93mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0430VSKP0.430ctVS1K4.88mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D0440VSH0.440ctVS2H4.90mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0440VSI0.44ctVS1I4.94mmGood cutRound Brilliant
D0450SIH0.450ctSI1H4.88mmgood cutRound Brilliant1
D0450E0.450ctSI1EIGIGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0460SIJ0.46ctSI2J4.85mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0460VSI0.460ctVS2I5.00mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0470SIHP0.470ctSI1H5.04mmCloudyRound Brilliant1
D0480LP0.48ctVVS2L4.88mmPoor CutRound Brilliant1
RD050IG0.50ctI1GIGIGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0500SIE0.50ctSI1EGIAExcellent cutRound Brilliant1
RD0520GP0.52ctVS2GIn a ringPoor cutRound Brilliant1
RD052M0.52ctVS2GCanadianVery good cutRound Brilliant 1
RD0520.52ctVS2FIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
RD053SIG0.53ctSI1GIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0530J0.530ctSI1J5.17mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0530L0.530ctSI2L5.19mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D0540J0.540ctSI2J5.26mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0540SIHP0.54ctSI1H4.93mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D0540VSG0.54ctVS2GAGSVery good cutRound Brilliant 1
RD0550.55ctSI2HIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant 1
D0560SIJ0.560ctSI2J5.25mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D05700.570ctSI2I5.24mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0570J0.570ctVS2J5.43mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0580SIJ0.580ctSI2J5.39mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0590SIF0.59ctSI1F5.20mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
RD060SIF0.60ctSI2FIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
RD060SIH0.60ctSI2HIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
RD060SIF0.60ctSI1FIn a ringGood CutRound Brilliant1
RD0600.60ctVS1GIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0600VSH0.60ctVS1HCanadianGood cutRound Brilliant1
D06000.600ctSI2H5.17mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0600SIK0.60ctSI2K5.35mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0600IK0.60ctI1K5.34mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0600IG0.60ctI1G5.18mmPoor CutRound Brilliant 1
D0610IG0.61ctI1G5.39mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0610VSG0.61ctVS1G5.46mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0630IK0.63ctI3K5.42mmPoor CutRound Brilliant1
RD0630.63ctSI1GIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0640SIJ0.64ctSI2J5.51mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
RD0650SIG0.65ctSI2GGSLGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0650IJ0.65ct I3J5.39mmPoor CutRound Brilliant1
D0650SIK0.65ctSI2K5.41mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0660SIF0.66ctSI2F5.60mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D070SIE0.70ctSI1EGIAVery good cutRound brilliant 1
RD070F0.70ctI1FIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant 1
RD070I0.70ctSI2IIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
RD0700.70ctI1HGem ScanGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0700IG0.70ctI1G5.82mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0700J0.70ctVS1J5.62mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0700SIF0.70ctSI2FEGLGood CutRound Brilliant1
RD071IG0.71ctI1GIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0710G0.710ctSI2G5.68mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D07150.710ctVS1J5.81mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D0720VSE0.72ctVS2EGIAVery good cutRound Brilliant1
D0720SIH0.72ctSI1H5.75mmGood CutRound Brilliant 1
D0730VVSN0.73ctVVS1N5.72mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
D0740VSF0.74ctVS2FCGAVery good cutRound Brilliant1
D0740G0.740ctSI2GBeckPoor cutRound Brilliant1
RD075VSG0.75ctVS1G5.85mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0750VSI0.75ctVS2I5.69mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D0750B0.750ctSI1fancy5.70mmfancy light brownRound Brilliant1
RD0770.77ctVS1KIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant 1
D0790SIH0.79ctSI2HIGIGood cutRound Brilliant 1
RD08000.80ctI1DCanadianGood CutRound Brilliant1
D082SIF0.82ctSI1F5.95mmVery good cutRound Brilliant1
D0830IH0.83ctI1H5.88mmGood CutRound Brilliant 1
D0870IGM0.87ctI1G6.07mmGood cut Mod. Round Brilliant1
D090IJ0.90ctI2JCHIPPEDCHIPPEDRound Brilliant1
D100VVSL1.00ctVVS2L6.16mmPoor CutRound Brilliant1
RD100SII1.00ctSI2IIn a ringPoor cutRound Brilliant1
RD101VSF1.01ctVS1FGIARound Brilliant1
D1010SIH1.01ctSI1H6.28mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
RD102I1.02ctVS2IIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
D1020SII1.02ctSI1I6.49mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D108SIJ1.08ctSI1J6.50mmGood CutRound Brilliant 1
D10701.070ctVVS2G6.28mmPoor cutRound Brilliant1
D110SIE1.10ct SI1EGIAVery good cutRound Brilliant 1
RD110I1.10ctI1ECanadianVery Good CutRound Brilliant1
RD1101.10ctVS1JIn a ringGood CutRound Brilliant1
D1141.14ctI1H6.87mmGood CutRound Brilliant1
RD1151.15ctSI1HIn a ringGood CutRound Brilliant1
D1191.19ctI1Light yellow6.57mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
D120VSG1.20ctVS2GAGSIdeal cutRound Brilliant1
RD1321.32ctVS1DGIAExcellent cutRound Brilliant1
D13801.38ctSI2IGIAVery good cutRound Brilliant1
D1421.42ctVS2J7.42mmGood cutRound Brilliant1
RD1501.50ctSI1HIn a ringVery good cutRound Brilliant 1
RD1561.56ctSI1FIn a ringGood cutRound Brilliant1
0.60ctSIK5.33-5.38mm x 3.32mmRound Brilliant
0.60ctSI G5.43-5.45mm x 3.22mmRound Brilliant
0.60ctI2J5.70-5.72mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.60ctVS1G5.37-5.41mm x 3.33mmRound Brilliant
0.61ctVVSF5.34-5.37mm x 3.33mmRound Brilliant
0.61ctVS1HRound Brilliant
0.61ctSI2F5.31-5.33mm x 3.34mmRound Brilliant
0.62ctINFractured FilledRound Brilliant
0.63ctI3K5.41-5.43mm x 3.41mmRound Brilliant
0.63ctI3L5.59-5.57mm x 3.31mmRound Brilliant
0.64ctSIJ5.50-5.52mm x 3.43mmRound Brilliant
0.65ctI3J5.38-5.40mm x 3.46mmRound Brilliant
0.65ctSI2K5.40-5.42mm x 3.42mmRound Brilliant
0.65ctSIE5.50-5.53mm x 3.45mmRound Brilliant
0.70ctSIH5.60-5.66mm x 3.46mmRound Brilliant
0.71ctSIK5.74-5.71mm x 3.52mmRound Brilliant
0.71ctVSK5.64-5.85mm x 3.46mmRound Brilliant
0.72ctSIH5.73-5.78mm x 3.52mmRound Brilliant
0.73ctI2GVery Good CutRound Brilliant
0.73ctVVSN5.72-5.73mm x 3.48mmRound Brilliant
0.74ctSI2I5.70-5.72mm x 3.62mmRound Brilliant
0.75ctI2L5.67-5.73mm x 3.62mmRound Brilliant
0.75ctSI1light brown5.70mmRound Brilliant
0.76ctSI2 J5.56-5.48mm x 3.72mmRound Brilliant
0.76ctI1G5.79-5.82mm x 3.53mmRound Brilliant
0.77ctI1I5.81-5.86mm x 3.50mmRound Brilliant
0.78ctI1GVery Good CutRound Brilliant
0.79ctI1Irradiated Blue5.79-5.82mm x 3.63mmRound Brilliant
0.79ctVS1LRBRound Brilliant
0.91ct.88ct diameter RB - 6.22mmRound Brilliant
0.98ctSI2I6.09-5.89mm x 3.87mmRound Brilliant
1.00ctI2E6.24-6.30mm x 3.87mmRound Brilliant
1.00ctVVS2F6.41-6.37mm x 3.92mmRound Brilliant
1.01ctI1GVery Good CutRound Brilliant
1.01ctSI1JRound Brilliant
1.01ctVS2G6.37-6.39mm x 3.89mmRound Brilliant
1.02ctSI1I6.45-6.53mm x 3.95mmRound Brilliant
1.04ctI1H6.56-6.51mm x 3.95mmRound Brilliant
1.10ctI2K6.17-6.28mm x 4.20mmRound Brilliant
1.14ctI1H6.86-6.89mm x 3.95mmRound Brilliant
1.15ctI1H6.69-6.68mm x 4.08mmRound Brilliant
1.20ctI1I6.68-6.69mm x 4.40mmRound Brilliant
1.24ctI1GGood CutRound Brilliant
1.51ctSI1I7.14-7.14mm x 4.60mmRound Brilliant
1.50ctVS2ERound Brilliant
0.40ctVS2H4.80-4.84mm x 2.86mmRound Brilliant
0.40ctI1F4.86-4.91mm x 2.72mmRound Brilliant
0.41ctI1I4.78mm x 4.68mm x 2.81mmRound Brilliant
0.41ctSI2H4.94-4.98mm x 2.84mmRound Brilliant
0.42ctSI2H4.97-5.05mm x 2.76mmRound Brilliant
0.43ctSI1FGood CutRound Brilliant
0.43ctI2fancy brown4.92-4.96mm x 2.81mmRound Brilliant
0.43ctVS2K4.91-4.96mm x 2.90mmRound Brilliant
0.43ctVS1K4.84-4.92mm x 2.94mmRound Brilliant
0.43ctVVS1D4.88-4.93mm x 2.96mmRound Brilliant
0.44ctI1H4.90-4.92mm x 3.00mmRound Brilliant
0.44ctI1I4.82-4.84mm x 3.00mmRound Brilliant
0.44ctSI1H4.82-4.85mm x 2.98mmRound Brilliant
0.44ctSI2F4.90-4.99mm x 2.92mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctSI1H4.86-4.89mm x 3.03mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctI1E4.97-4.99mm x 3.16mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctVS1I4.94-5.02mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctVVS2H4.93-4.95mm x 3.01mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctSI2N4.96-5.05mm x 3.19mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctI1G4.82-4.84mm x 3.03mmRound Brilliant
0.45ctVS1H4.91-4.91mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctSI2L5.03-5.04mm x 2.94mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctI1D5.00mm x 4.97mm x 3.95mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctI1G4.75mm x 4.90mm x 2.94mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctSI1M4.82mm x 4.78mm x 3.06mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctI1I4.35mm x 4.13mm x 2.89mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctSI1L4.98-5.12mm x 2.92mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctVS2I4.99-5.01mm x 3.01mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctSI2J4.83-4.86mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.46ctI1I4.91-4.95mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.47ctVS2F4.86-4.91mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.47ctI1I4.80-4.84mm x 3.11mmRound Brilliant
0.47ctSI2F4.99-5.04mm x 3.06mmRound Brilliant
0.47ctI1IRound Brilliant
0.47ctVS2H4.84-5.01mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.47ctSI2light yellow4.77mm x 4.26mm x 3.03mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctSI1K4.96-5.10mm x 3.07mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctSI1E4.83-4.86mm x 3.07mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctVVS1I5.07-5.11mm x 3.06mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctVS1H5.03-5.06mm x 3.07mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctSI1I4.89mm x 4.87mm x 3.15mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctVVS2L4.85-4.92mm x 3.06mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctSI1M5.08-5.11mm x 3.02mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctI1I4.81-4.83mm x 3.15mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctI2I4.92-4.94mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctI2J5.07-5.08mm x 2.94mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctI1G4.59mm x 4.20mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.48ctSI1H4.30mm x 4.17mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctI1E5.08-5.17mm x 2.91mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctSI1K4.98-5.11mm x 3.08mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctSI1N5.11-5.16mm x 2.98mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctSI1H4.87-4.90mm x 3.09mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctSI2H4.54-4.60mm x 3.30mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctSI1E4.98-5.06mm x 3.11mmRound Brilliant
0.49ctSI2G4.91-4.94mm x 3.08mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctVS2F5.02-5.70mm x 3.15mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctVS1LRound Brilliant
0.50ctSI1F4.87-4.99mm x 3.22mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctSI2I4.94-4.97mm x 3.13mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctI1H5.09-5.11mm x 3.00mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctI1L5.10-5.14mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctSI2L4.98-5.11mm x 3.17mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctSI2G4.49mm x 4.28mm x 3.18mmRound Brilliant
0.50ctVVS1F5.11-5.15mm x 3.07mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctVS2H5.06-5.09mm x 3.12mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctVS2G5.18mm x 5.23mm x 2.96mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctSI2HRound Brilliant
0.51ctI1light brown5.10mm x 5.13mm x 3.12mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctVS1H5.24-5.29mm x 3.05mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctSI1I5.11mm x 5.13mm x 3.02mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctVVS2J4.86-4.88mm x 3.20mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctI1G5.09-5.14mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctSI1N5.25-5.29mm x 3.02mmRound Brilliant
0.51ctSI2I5.08-5.12mm x 3.13mmRound Brilliant
0.52ctI1J5.19-5.11mm x 3.17mmRound Brilliant
0.52ctSI2I4.98-5.00mm x 3.30mmRound Brilliant
0.52ctVVS1F4.36mm x 4.36mm x 3.20mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctI1L5.13-5.15mm x 3.14mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctI2H5.15-5.13mm x 3.22mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctI1H5.23-5.18mm x 3.15mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctI1G4.97-4.99mm x 3.24mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctI1G5.25-5.13mm x 3.12mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctSI2L5.16-5.22mm x 3.15mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctSI1J5.16-5.19mm x 3.19mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctSI1I5.23-5.20mm x 3.10mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctSI2H5.13-5.15mm x 3.21mmRound Brilliant
0.53ctSIH5.11mm x 5.13mm x 3.04mmRound Brilliant
0.54ctSI1I5.20-5.21mm x 3.19mmRound Brilliant
0.55ctI1J5.19-5.15mm x 3.24mmRound Brilliant
0.55ctSI2H5.05-5.11mm x 3.30mmRound Brilliant
0.56ctSI2J5.23-5.27mm x 3.22mmRound Brilliant
0.57ctI1L5.32-5.39mm x 3.24mmRound Brilliant
0.57ctSI1L5.20mm x 5.17mm x 3.24mmRound Brilliant
0.57ctVS2J5.40-5.47mm x 3.27mmRound Brilliant
0.57ctSI2E5.32-5.35mm x 3.33mmRound Brilliant
0.57ctSI2H5.40-5.45mm x 3.17mmRound Brilliant
0.57ctSI2I5.24-5.25mm x 3.20mmRound Brilliant
0.58ctI1I5.20-5.23mm x 3.39mmRound Brilliant
0.58ctSI2J5.15-5.19mm x 3.31mmRound Brilliant
0.59ctI2N5.27-5.25mm x 3.34mmRound Brilliant
0.59ctI1D5.10-5.12mm x 3.38mmRound Brilliant
0.59ctI1FGood CutRound Brilliant
0.59ctSI2H5.44-5.45mm x 3.23mmRound Brilliant
0.59ctVS1H5.35-5.38mm x 3.27mmRound Brilliant
0.26ctSI1I3.66mm x 3.33mm x 2.48mmPrincess
0.27ctI1F3.57mm x 3.44mm x 2.54mmPrincess
0.29ctI1G3.55mm x.48mm x 2.64mmPrincess
0.30ctI1K3.92mm 3.72mm x 2.54mmPrincess
0.34ctSI1H3.92mm x 3.81mm x 2.73mmPrincess
0.34ctVS1E3.82mm x 3.60mm x 2.72mmPrincess
0.34ctSI1L4.04mm x 3.59mm x 2.72mmPrincess
0.36ctSI1H3.98mm x 3.62mm x 2.69mmPrincess
0.38ctSI1I3.99mm x 3.87mm x 2.84mmPrincess
0.41ctVS2E4.11mm x 3.93mm x 2.99mmPrincess
0.42ctI1G4.20mm x 4.08mm x 3.01mmPrincess
0.44ctVVS2H4.17mm x 4.21mm x 3.01mmPrincess
0.44ctVS1G4.24mm x 4.20mm x 3.09mmPrincess
0.45ctVVS2K4.29mm x 4.14mm x 2.93mmPrincess
0.46ctVS2H4.24mm x 3.91mm x 3.21mmPrincess
0.47ctVS1F4.37mm x 4.15mm x 3.08mmPrincess
0.51ctSI2very light brown4.45mm x 4.30mm x 3.35mmPrincess
0.52ctVS1J4.18-4.23mm x 3.30mmPrincess
0.54ctI1G4.70mm x 4.68mm x 2.99mmPrincess
0.54ctVVS1J4.60mm x 4.54mm x 3.01mmPrincess
0.56ctVS2I4.50mm x 4.45mm x 3.38mmPrincess
0.59ctSI2I4.82mm x 4.56mm x 3.40mmPrincess
0.59ctSI2H4.80mm x 4.48mm x 3.07mmPrincess
0.59ctVS2F4.44mm x 4.51mm x 3.33mmPrincess
0.60ctVS2G4.53mm x 4.59mm x 2.83mmPrincess
0.64ctSI1I4.55mm x 4.65mm x 3.48mmPrincess
0.72ctI1H/I4.91mm x 4.54mm x 3.58mmPrincess
0.78ctSI2I5.20mm x 5.22mm x 3.76mmPrincess
0.82ctI1light yellow5.22mm x 4.91mm x 3.61mmPrincess
1.00ctVVS1FGood CutPrincess
1.04ctVVS1I5.64mm x 5.60mm x 4.08mmPrincess
0.39ctSI1light fancy brown4.63-4.68mm x 2.85mm
0.31ctI3irradiated blue3.96-4.05mm x 2.92mm
0.31ctIfancy brown4.29-4.33mm x 2.55mm
0.30ctI1very light brown4.34-4.37 x 2.62mm
0.27ctSI2fancy light brown4.13-4.16mm x 2.47mm
0.24ctSI2fancy light brown3.95-4.00mm x 2.33mm
0.23ctI1fancy brown (pink)3.94-3.97mm x 2.43mm
0.21ctSI2light fancy brown3.84-3.85mm x 2.36mm
0.37ctI1I4.64-4.66mm x 2.83mm
4.88mm x 4.74mm x 4.86mmTrilliant
4.56mm x 4.59mm x 4.53mmTrilliant
4.68mm x 4.67mm x 4.25mmTrilliant
4.63mm x 4.76mm x 4.55mmTrilliant
4.44mm x 4.67mm x 4.52mmTrilliant
0.61ctI1fancy brownPear
0.19ctIGGood CutPear
0.48ctSI1I6.32mm x 4.26mm x 2.89mmPear
0.53ctI1GGood CutPear
0.42ctSI2K4.17mm x 3.80mm x 3.93mmMarquise
0.45ctI1H6.57mm x 4.09mm x 2.58mmMarquise
0.91ct8.97mm x 5.20mm x 3.22mmMarquise
0.19ctSIG2.80mm x 2.80mm x 5.69mmMarquise
0.09ctOld Euro
0.30ctI1I4.31mm x 4.26mm x 3.06mmOld Euro
0.24ct3.64-3.81mm x 2.64mmOld Euro
0.23ctOld Euro
0.22ctOld Euro
0.21ctOld Euro
0.19ctOld Euro
0.27ct3.38-4.13mm x 2.59mmOld Euro
0.16ctOld Euro
0.14ctOld Euro
0.66ctVS1IGood CutOld Euro
0.13ctOld Euro
MeleeOld Euro
0.40ctI1I4.73-4.77mm x 2.80mmTransition
0.25ct4.22-4.26mm x 2.20mmTransition
0.23ct3.85-3.94mm x 2.24mmTransition
0.64ctVS1HGood CutEmerald