Beck Custom Jewellery Design

Custom Jewelry Design, By Nicholas Beck

At Beck Jewelers, we have been creating custom jewelry for 20 years. The company founder Clinton Beck used a pencil and paper to sketch a design and then a goldsmith would carve a wax by hand.  As technology has evolved, the tools we utilize to make our custom jewelry has progressed accordingly. We now primarily use the latest design technology to create our one of a kind pieces. However, when the occasion calls for it, we do still hand fabricate jewelry from hand.

At Beck’s we have invested in the latest technology to make designing jewelry fun, perfect and cost effective.

Nicholas Beck, an artist and jewelry designer has studied jewelry design in Toronto, Canada.  He has been immersed in the jewelry business his entire life.  He has also seen some of the most beautiful antique jewelry which has come into the family antique store.  His designs are timeless and beautiful.

Beck Custom Design Jewelry

We take specific steps following a proven process to create the perfect piece of jewelry designed just for you. The important thing to remember when working with us to make your custom piece of jewelry is that you are every bit as important to the design process as we are; you have just as much to do with the creation of your jewelry as we do.

The first step is to sit down with Nicholas and draw a basic design.  Nicholas will sit down and build the piece of jewelry with you.  This is fun and very creative.

Once the ring is designed, it is printed using a 3D printer.  It is perfect every time.  The days of a goldsmith carving by hand are gone.  You receive a perfect finished product at a fraction of the price of what a custom piece would have cost.

A custom ring starts at roughly $1500.00 with little diamonds on the sides.

Beck Wax Ring

Seeing the CAD image will give you a really good feel for what the final product will look like. At this point in the design process, we encourage our clients to be brutally honest with respect to aspects of the ring they like and those that they dislike. We have the ability to change virtually anything about the ring at anytime, and we take no offense if some aspect of the ring is not liked. After all, this is not for us: this is for you.

The next phase is to carve a wax based on the CAD image. Having a physical model of the custom piece of jewelry is key to creating the most beautiful, as well as the most comfortable, custom piece of jewelry.

Beck Custom Jewelry Design

After the wax model is approved, following any needed modifications, we perform a lost wax casting. Casting jewelry correctly is an exact science that Beck Jewelers mastered decades ago, and still performs today with the utmost precision.

Upon completion of the casting process, the jewelry is polished and the stones are set by a master diamond setter. Once the item is polished and stones are set, the newly created custom jewelry has the finishing touches applied.

What emerges as a result is a truly one of a kind, wearable piece of art.